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My first visit to the farm was in the summer of 1986 when I came here with my dad while he was looking for a home to purchase. My most vivid memory of that visit was the large maples that greeted us and the massive cottonwood tree in front of the house. In the coming years, I spent many summers running through the woods, building forts, and climbing trees. Loving the land, its wildness, and seasonal transformations is something I held onto even after I outgrew my tree forts. So when the opportunity arose for me to move here 23 years after my first visit, I didn't hesitate.   


Upon arriving back on the stomping grounds of my youth I went right back to doing what I loved.


Though now instead following deer trails, I built walking paths; instead of building forts, I cleared meadows and built benches. I didn't start out with an end in mind, I was just enjoying the woods.


That’s how it all got rolling; for five years I ran around trimming trees, mowing grass, and learning how to use a hammer. Then something happened that transformed my perception of what was possible! A friend asked me if she could have her wedding here.

A Brief History...


The first wedding here was an inspiring and beautiful experience from start to finish. The bride unleashed her artistic sensibilities and the farm was transformed into a breathtaking wedding venue. Lights in the trees, flowers everywhere, hand sewn banners strung from tree to tree, and then the people arrived.


Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins one two and three, and the friends! Friends from childhood through adulthood. People coming from every corner of their lives to show their love and support. Then there was the ceremony, dinner, speeches, music, and dancing into the night. It was incredible to be part of. I received more hugs that day than I had in my whole life up till then and by the end of the weekend I knew I wanted to create a wedding venue. A year later I was open.

As I’m writing this, I’ve enjoyed 5 years of operating a wedding and concert venue and I’m excited for my 6th. The most enjoyable aspect of what I do is helping couples realize their vision. I am re-inspired time and time again by the love and beauty that surrounds weddings. The feeling that comes from creating, maintaining, and operating the venue is abundantly illustrated every time I see a newly wedded couple radiating love walking back down the aisle together amidst cheers and tears of joy.

Sundance Steele, 2020

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